I've lived in Payson for many years, along with my husband and kids. We love this neck of the woods! It's the perfect middle ground between hot desert and cool mountains, and is rich with beautiful places to photograph.

My love of photography began at a young age. I'd always ask for a disposable camera every birthday until I saved up for my first digital camera as a teenager. I also worked as my mom's assistant while she owned her own photography business, learning lots along the way. After buying my first DSLR when I had my first baby, I dived head first into becoming the full-blown photography nerd I am today. Photography makes me so happy! I love being able to utilize that love to serve my clients through portrait photography. 

Welcome! I'm Mikaela, a portrait photographer based in Payson, Arizona with a focus on families, couples, and graduating seniors. 

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I'll be back in touch as soon as possible. As a heads up, I will be on maternity leave through Summer 2022, so my response time until then may be slower than usual. Thanks for understanding!

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